The in-person, remote, and/or hybrid services I offer, can be placed in the following three categories with their corresponding areas of my expertise as an academic in linguistics and cultural studies specialized in germanophone and persophone countries, as a trained public school teacher for the subjects German and English language and literature, and as a state-certified translator for German and Persian.


For universities, research centers, and other state or private institutions:

German and Persian applied linguistics with a focus on language in education, society, politics, and the media

Cultural relations between Germany and Iran with a focus on cultural policy and cross-cultural communication


For different target groups with different goals:

Language courses for children and adults: German, English, and Persian (Farsi) as foreign languages

University courses: German and Persian applied linguistics and Germany-Iran cultural relations

Training courses: Cross-cultural communication


In the fields related to human and social sciences as a state-certified translator for German and Persian in Germany and academically qualified translator and interpreter for English, Dari, and Tajiki:

From Persian (Farsi/Dari) to German to Persian (Farsi/Dari)

From Persian (Farsi/Dari) to English to Persian (Farsi/Dari)

From Tajiki to German to Tajiki

From Tajiki to English to Tajiki

From German to English to German