Book on Language Attitudes in Persophone Countries

This is a kind of reminder of my first book published by Springer/Metzler in September 2021. The book is written in German and an edited version of my PhD dissertation, which was originally open-source published by the Humboldt University of Berlin in 2018.

The original title: “Die nationale Varietät des plurizentrischen Persisch in Zentralasien. Iranische Sichtweisen auf das Tadschikische” (The national variety of the pluricentric Persian language in Central Asia. Iranian views on Tajik)

And here is a short abstract: The subject of this study is Tajik Persian in Central Asia from the Iranian perspective. The Persian language is considered the most prominent Iranian language in the Indo-European language family with a literary history of more than a thousand years, and by sociolinguistic standards it is pluricentric, i.e. it occurs in several countries. In the 20th century and from the Soviet era onwards, Central Asia again became relevant for the development of the Persian language, while traditionally Iran — called “Persia” until 1935 — was and still is considered the dominant center of the pluricentric Persian language. Hereon lies the focus of this study, namely: How do the Iranian speakers and the cultural elites of Iran perceive the development or even the distancing of a so-called national variety from other varieties of the same language?

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If you are interested to write a review on the book, please contact me for a digital copy of the book.